More aggression

Posted by redchelsea87
Sep 8, 2012
I posted previously about my dogs aggression towards one another. Anyway they were getting along well since mid June, and have had another fight. This fight resulted in a tear on one of the dogs outside corner of his eye, and a huge gash on this other dogs arm, which I'm still on the fence whether he needs stitches or not. So why question is this, when do you know it's time to rehome a dog? It's the last thing I want to do. Do dogs stop fighting with each other eventually? They're both around 5 yrs old.. Any help would be appreciated )
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 12, 2012
Hey redchelsea,

Welcome back, though not such a happy reason. Refresh my memory - how long have you had both dogs?

Dogs do tend to work things out between themselves, and dog fights often sound more aggressive than they really are, but if your two are seriously damaging each other, then it may be time to think about re-homing one and I commend you for being open to that.

How often do the two fight? Have you tried establishing which on is dominant over the other with training and doing things like feeding/saying hello/playing with one before the other?
Posted by redchelsea87
Oct 6, 2012
Hi KOPCaroline,
I've had my first dog, the shepherd/rottie mix since he was about 4 months old. I rescued the while Labrador when he was about 2-3, they're both about 5 now. I've tried to establish a hierarchy between the 2 by treating, playing, greeting, feeding, etc the shepherd/rottie first. Right now there has been no fighting because the white lab has torn/ semi torn his ACL and is having trouble getting around. Which in a really weird way makes me feel as if they won't be fighting for a little while since the lad is injured. There are also 2 other dogs on the property that belong to my roommate, but my dogs and my roommates dogs don't fuss with each other, just my two fight. Ugh, so stressful . Thank you for your time and expertise, any and all help is always fantastic!! I really do appreciate all your advice KOPCaroline!!