My 9 yr. Poodle does not like the new puppy

Posted by carol-b
Sep 6, 2007
We have a 9 yr old (young acting) poodle who does not like the new ( 9week old shih tzu mix pupppy ) Cookie the 9yr old ,growls and jumps at the puppy if she even comes anywhere near her. The puppy, Libby ,just wants to play or sniff .The puppy stays away from Cookie but ,Libby ,being a puppy forgets and trys to play and Cookie will have not of that. Cookie also takes all of the treats from the puppy.and low growles if the puppy even looks her way. We always give Cookie the first treat and pet her first when we come into the room. We have tried not to change Cookie's routine too much but she is still mean to the puppy. Is there any thing I can do to help them get along together. Both Cookie and Libby are toy dogs ,so there will not be a size problem , just an attitude problem !!
Posted by Blue
Mar 26, 2008
How are things between your dogs? I just came onto this forum and I'm trying to catch up on posts that haven't been answered .