My dog goes crazy when he sees another dog approaching

Posted by Carrielo
Jul 4, 2012
The other thing I am having an issue with, is trying to calm my dog down when we are out on walks and see other dogs. He is fine walking on a lead and heels pretty good at this point. However, when we see another dog, he goes absolutely crazy and will lunge forward, jump, and do circles until the dog is out of site, and even then it's hard to calm him down. I have tried pulling him off to the side and having him sit, while I put myself between him and the other dog. I have also tried using the "watch me" command while doing so to get his attention focused on me. However, once he sees the other dog, there is no calming him down. It doesn't seem to be aggressive, but rather more excited. I socialize him in the dog parks and he does just fine greeting other dogs off lead. HELP!!!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 14, 2012
Hey again,

Its a common problem with young dogs - my own was pretty bad for being overly excited about other dogs on walks. I just perservered with telling him to sit and pay attention to me. You may just need to be more demanding - tug the lead, hold his muzzle, use a harsher command like "oi!" to get his attention. Halti's or gentle leaders can be helpful to control your dog, and they don't hurt the dog at all.