My jack doesn't get the point for playing fething

Posted by go18
Oct 27, 2009
I love your weekly suggestions. I have my own.
My dog is so sweet 4 months old jack russell. He is playful but he doesn't want to play outside. ( i want some detailed plan for this). Also at home, he rather wants to get the ball and make me chase him. When it comes to treats he makes it but i want him to play with me with the ball after i taught him how to fetch the ball but no treats no fetching. Is there any easy way to do this. Because i tried praising and every other thing. But he wants me to chase him. But i don't want him to make the rules.
So thanks in advance.
Posted by LetsPlay
Nov 1, 2009
Hi there,

could you please give us some more information on why he doesn't want to play outside?
Is he too busy sniffing or is he scared?

Playing fetch is something that comes naturally to some dogs and other dogs have to learn it. One important thing is that you should never chase him if he tries to initiate that. That way you would be giving in to his rules and set a bad example.

Your dog will need to learn that you give him access to all the fun things in live. The food comes from you, petting comes from you, toys come from you. So it is really a good idea to behave and listen to you because that will mean good things.

He should not have access to the ball if you are not around. It is your toy and you allow him access to it at times if he accepts your rules.

Get the ball out and throw it for him. Give him a treat when he returns it to you and drops it. There is nothing wrong in my view with giving your dog treats when he is still learning the rules of the game. Do that a few times and if it works praise him a lot. Next time don't give him a treat and if he stops playing remove the ball (but don't chase him) and go away.

He will learn that if he is not playing by your rules it means that you won't play at all. He will get the idea pretty quickly, I'm sure. Jack Russles are smart wee dogs and I'm sure he knows only too well what is expected of him.

Have you read the Alpha Dog section? If not I would recommend reading it, it's very important, especially if you are at the start of your training with your 4 months old dog. The more time you invest now the less hassles you will have later on.

All the best and let us know how you get on.