My rat terrier is killing my chickens!

Posted by painteddreamfarmgmailco
Oct 30, 2008
I have three dogs, one is a rat terrier who is aroud 2 yrs. old. She started chasing my chickens but now has killed five in the past three months, two in two days. I can't let her out off of a leash because of this. HELP. I am a very new member and have just downloaded my info, but have not had time to read it yet. Need help immediately. I also have a 9-month old Basset puppy who has seen the activities of my rat terrier and she is now chasing the chickens, but has killed none so far.
Posted by LetsPlay
Aug 19, 2009
Hi there,
it's a natural instinct for dogs to chase and even kill. You will need to make sure that your chickens are safe. Can you put them in a run?
Let you dog get close to the chickens without being able to harm them.
If the dog stops paying attention to them treat the dog.
Say "no" every time the dogs behaves in an unacceptable way.
This will take time, but it is possible for the dog to learn that the chucks are off limits.
Posted by kjd
Aug 20, 2009
You might also try muzzling her while she is outside until you can get a protective run for the chickens.