My two Akitas had a big fight

Posted by nydianaponte
Jul 6, 2008
I write you hopping that you give me some advise. I have a 2 year old female Akita and an 8 months old male Akita. My femal Akita is very agressive toward other animals. Before i got the male I tried to mate her twice because i wanted to have another dog. She never let the male dog get close to her. I took her to the vet and he told me she has a problem with her cicle. So i decided to get a male poppy. I spent close to two months building their relationship because she used to show her teeth at him. Finally she accepted him and they spent most of the time together until night. She sleeps outside the house on the porch, he sleeps inside the house. Three weeks ago she started her period. Her mood suddenly changed and aout of nothing she attacked him and he responded. They had a huge fight, they both were injured she more than him. She weights 65 pounds, he is still a puppy (8 months) but is weighting close to 80 pounds. I have them separated since then. Today i decided to try and put them back togheter. First time in the morning they seemed to be ok, not best friends, but ok. A second time in the afternoon everything was ok until she climbed over him grouling at him, he stayed still but not summisive. I had to sepparate them again to prevent a fight.
I believe she is trying to make him summisive to her so she can still be the alpha dog. But he is getting bigger and is not summisive any more. I am planning to neuther her...would this help? What can i do to make them be friends again. What can i do to help them resove the alpha issue without leting them get hurt? Please advise...I don't kow any people who know Akitas temperament. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me... Nydian
Posted by Todd
Jul 17, 2008
Have answered your second post