My year old toy poodle is a nervous wreak

Posted by Sunshine
Nov 9, 2007
I have a year old toy poodle who seems to be very nervous and constantly trickles pee everywhere, she is very jumpy, timid and also very playful and full of energy at the same time. when you take her out to potty she would just run around like she is crazy and as soon as you take her inside she would pee. I have resorted to having her crated in the garage as I really no longer want her in the house, I love her very much I have had her since she was 6wks old and I hate not having her in the house but I am sick of her using the house as her toilet. help me.
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Nov 22, 2007
Hi there,

I recommend that you use your dog's crate to help re-train her in the appropriate place to eliminate. Put your dog in her crate for a couple of hours, and then take her outside immediately. If she starts to relieve herself, start repeating the phrase "Be Quick" until she has finished. Do this over and over until your dog starts to associate the command with relieving herself. After that you should be able to take her out to potty and she will follow your commands instead of running around like crazy.

I also recommend that you thoroughly clean any spots that she has used inside and clean them with an odor neutralizer so that she is not encouraged to continue using that spot.

I hope this helps.
Posted by Thonord
Dec 5, 2007
Your one year old toy poodle is a nervous wreck. I would like to know what your basic philosopy about animal behaviour is, and you approach to training. The reason is that I think this is basically your fault Sunshine. Not by intention but by action. Please dont get upset by this, but all information is needed in a case like this.
And I will be the first to appologize if I'm wrong.
I hope this is not considered a personal attack.