Neighbours dogs

Posted by Suzannah
Dec 2, 2011
I live on a property that has two houses. i am renting the 2nd house from the owner who lives in the 1st house. she has two dogs, that we suspect have dingo in them, as they appear dingo-like. these dogs are the strangest dogs i have come accross. some days walking up to the other house the dogs will greet you by coming out to you wagging their tails and following us. other times they see you they run away with their tails between their legs. these dogs are cunning, leave something outside and they take it and chew it. they would jump up and take our washing off the line and chew it. now they have gotten into hunting. the sneak out next door kill kangeroos, possums, guinea foul, chickens, snakes. everything. i am worried that these dogs will harm my puppy, who is indoors currently as we are waiting for her vaccinations to allow her outside. when i had her in my arms one day, one of the dogs followed whinning and licking his lips. these dogs are terrible at hunting everything, and they egg eachother on. telling them off goes through one ear and out the other. i personally think these dogs need to have restrictions, being chained up so they dont have free run of the place, so they cant sneak next door for kangeroos. the dogs have also stalked me some nights when i walk to the gate to get the bin. the dogs are usually cowards, and usually run away like they have been hit, which suspect previous owners may have done. but i dont like them stalking me at night as to me, they just have to take that one step to attack me. what bugs me is that the owners dont care that they hunt everything. but i dont want my border collie pup to be victim.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 2, 2011
Hey Suzannah,

This sounds like a pretty serious problem - have you talked to the owners about their dogs behaviour and your concerns, both for your new dog and yourself?

It may be that you need to call some sort of dog control if they keep on killing like they are.

Otherwise - I would probably try to fence off your yard to protect your own dog once he can go outside. Theres no way to train your neighbors dogs, so the only real thing you can do is either seek official help (council) or try a fence. Both may be best - remembering the neighboring dogs may be able to climb or dig under your fence. The best I can say is try sectioning yourself off to protect your dog, and don't let him out unsupervised. Ever!

Its a very tough situation and I'm sorry you're in it - its a pain when others down own up to the responsibility and common courtesy of pet ownership. I hope you find a solution! Please keep us updated
Posted by Suzannah
Jan 4, 2012
Hi, one day while i was work, the dog pushed past my partner and ran outside. the dogs from the neighbours got along with her. this i dont mind but i dont want her to learn their bad habits. however, one of the dogs had pulled a muscle in his leg, then jumped the fence scraping his leg, then he got away again and got trapped in the neighbours dog trap. now he is not well at all. so i am trying to avoid all contact with those other dogs and my pup at the moment. just incase it is something she can catch.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 9, 2012
Hi Suzannah,

Glad that the dogs seemed to get on - I would suggest making sure your own dog is good on recall so that you can stop her if she decides to try and follow the other dogs. Its probably best that you supervise any interactions that happen - just keep an eye on things

Its also probably best that you're keeping your dog seperate for now, wouldnt want her to catch anything

Hope the situation continues to smooth out!
Posted by kidunotgoatsyahoocom
Jan 10, 2012
It sounds like you live in an area with predators, not just your neighbors dogs. You might want to consider a mesh electronic fence to protect your pup. Predators can get under, over or through most regular fences. Mesh fences are also light weight and portable so you can take it with you when you move and if finances are tight you can start with one lenth of it and add on as you are able.