Neighbours dogs

Posted by Suzannah
Dec 8, 2011
my neighbour, who lives on the same block of land as me has two dogs. the dogs are about 1 year old and have dingo in them. they hunt everything. Lizards, snakes, posssums, chickens, kangaroos, ginea foul. what ever they can kill they hunt. they are fed well, so they are only doing this for fun. however, my neighbour does not seem to care. i have chickens and a puppy i am afraid these dogs will try to hunt next. the dogs have a weird attitude towards people. some days i get home from work and they stand there wagging their tails, other days they cower with the tails between their legs and bolt off into the bushes. it's like they are afraid i will hit them, but i have never shown aggression to them. the dogs have free reign over the property. and when they play up and are told off by their owner, they ignore the punishment, running away play fighting eachother. if they are told off separately they lay on the ground on their backs. but get up like they are not affected by the punishment.
what can i do to discourage the behaviour they display in hunting all the animals?
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 9, 2011
Hi Suzannah,

I would feel very uncomfortable living next to such neighbors but there are only three things you can do since you cannot discipline/train somebody else's dogs.

1. Speak to the owner of the dogs and keep them within their property all time.

2. Protect your animals by setting up a secure fence around your property.

3. Never let your pup outside unsupervised.

And I would do all 3 of them. I would not want to risk my animals.

I am so sorry to hear your concerns
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 11, 2011
I definitely agree with MHN, about all three points. The only thing I can add is you might consider contacting an animal service/control agency about your neighbors dogs if they remain out of control - if the killing keeps going on and its obviously a concern for your own animals.

I'd definitely look into fencing your property as soon as possible. Sorry for the situation - its definitely concerning