New dog showing aggression towards people

Posted by njmaillady
Nov 20, 2009
Hello ... i recently got a 3 yearl old female german shepherd dog .....
she seems a bit cautious about meeting people .... so i have them approach
her slowly .... she meet two of my friends and on her first and second times
was fine ... but now she acts very aggressive towards the wife ... lunging
and barking and showing her teeth .... i am not sure why .... what can i do
to have her accept her again .... they also have a gsd but the husband is
always with her on a leash .... i don't want my friend getting bit ...
thanks for any help .... i am following your "alpha " leadership and she is a
very sweet dog with me and listens to most commands ... she is still
learning as she didn't know any 7 weeks ago .... thanks
Posted by LetsPlay
Dec 6, 2009
Hi there,
do you know much about her background?
Socialization at an early age is very important, she might have missed out on that which means that you will have to spend more time on it now and you might have to wait longer to see any positive changes. However, if you put a lot of effort into it you will be amazed to see how she changes into a happy and relaxed dog.

Try to get friends around as often as you can, take her to friends places and make sure that all her meetings with strangers are positive. Let them give her treats if she sits calmly. The more positive experiences she has the better.
Keep the encounters short and playful and don't overwhelm her.

She might also try to protect you, so make sure you always follow the Alpha Dog rules.