New husband - new rules

Posted by Tanya-Featherstone
Aug 21, 2007
We have two Jack russel terriers about 8 and 10 years old. The oldest, who I adopted a couple of years ago, is an absolute treasure and is trained perfectly and will perform almost any command. The youngest is unfortunately very spoilt (I am the guilty mother) as I have had him since a puppy and unfortunately treated him too much like a baby/child.

The 8 year old (called Wooseley) is the Alpha dog and I was the Alpha Human. Except it seemed when my husband was around. Wooseley has started to become very territorial over spaces in the house and even over me and unfortunately started to get aggressive towards both of us when we are together and very confused(which is why I first purchased the books) We are getting immediate results now that we have established that both the humans are Alpha and that is great.

The one thing I am having trouble with is our bed. Even though he has his own bed at night time, I had got in the bad habit of letting him stay when I found he had sneaked into my room and under my quilt during the day (too cute to resist) this has been the case for some years now.
this has become a problem as he wont get out now when told by my husband and there is an aggressive reaction from under the quilt even if he hears him walking into the room. Its also a bit gross on the dog hair side because the new dog hops in too.
I need to stop the sneaking in to help with the alpha dog transition, but want to get to the stage where I can leave my door open and he wont hop into the bed. At the moment he just crys and scratches at the door when we close it and then urinates on it if we ignore him, so we really don't see a solution in sight!
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Aug 22, 2007
Hi there.....a tricky, but probably a pretty common situation. The whole pack order has been confused by a new family member, and it seems that your youngest dog is not taking too kindly to the changes.
It's so very important that both you and your husband are strict and consistent with the Alpha Techniques so that your dogs are clear on where they rank in the pack. I use the techniques myself, and I think they are great because they are not really that hard to implement, and most of them are pretty subtle.
The more you use the techniques, the better the aggression in the bedroom should get. I can understand your dogs reluctance to move - he has always been allowed to lie on the bed, and all of a sudden is being told to move! However, his aggressive behavior is not good, and he needs to know that!
I would strongly recommend against any kind of physical reprimand such as smacking or pinning the dog down. Instead you could try a loud noise or a squirt of water combined with a growl and a command to "Get Down". If that has little effect, you might want to give an ultrasonic whistle a try.
Good luck!