New puppy in the house

Posted by Kai
Sep 8, 2008
Hi there, hope someone can give me some advise. I have a 10 month old german sheperd mix that I adopted from a shelter. She's a well behaved dog, but lacks socialization with other dogs due to the fact that I stay far away from any park or place where other dogs hang out. I just got a toy poodle puppy (6 months old) and brought it home today. Lucy didn't attact the puppy, just followed her around, barking at times and tried to put a paw on her. I'm thinking she's just trying to show her dominace, but I'm scared as she is 10x the size of the poodle! Lucy also started foaming around the mouth as she was following the puppy around and tried to corner it. The puppy is well socialized and even tried to lick Lucy - she has been living with other puppies since birth - something Lucy never did as she was thrown out onto the streets at 10 days old! Will these 2 dogs be able to live together in harmony or did I just make the biggest mistake by bringing another dog into the house. My biggest fear is that Lucy, who weighs 20kg will eat the poodle who weighs 3kg! Help please!
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Sep 9, 2008
I can see why you are worried, but I think what Lucy is doing sounds pretty normal. Big dogs paw at little ones. She was probably just trying to figure out the puppy. I would watch them carefully when together, perhaps keeping a leash on the big dog in case you do need to intervene and pull her away from the puppy. Don't let yourself seem overly anxious or Lucy will pick up on your anxiety. Just remind her to "be easy" with the baby. She's still a baby herself. I bet they will become great friends. You'll know how it will work out in a few days. Update us and let us know. I wish I could offer more advice.