Newbie question

Posted by Scorpio
Sep 9, 2007
I recently bought a Shih Tzu pup and I am in the process of training him. I noticed that treats are used for training and my question is, is there a cut off point when you stop giving treats once the pup has learned what it is you are training him for. I am confused about this, LOL, if so how would one go about not giving treats anymore? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much!
Posted by Todd
Sep 12, 2007
HI Scorpio

Thank you for your question. It is definatlely a good idea to reduce the amount of treats you are using to train your dog. If you continue to treat train your puppy he will learn that he only has to respond when you have expensive and frustrating thing.

What i recommend you do is to slowly increase the intervals between the number of commands and a treat. So what you do is the next time you are training him you can only reward him every second time he does something eg sit. After a while he will get used to this. After a day of this extend it to 3 sits per treat. Continue on slowly extending the intervals.
The MOST important part of the idea is that every time they follow a command they must still get praise and attention even if they don't get food.

What this does is it retrains your pup from a food reward to a praise reward. This will make him much more obedient and make your relationship much more enjoyable. Good luck.

Kind Regards
SitStayFetch Team
Posted by Scorpio
Sep 24, 2007
Thanks so much Todd. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I have been away.