Nipping at Daughter

Posted by Tractorqueen
Aug 26, 2008
We have 2 labs that are 1 year old. Recently the female has begun biting at my 9 year old daughter. (she leaves small marks, but doesn't break the skin)She usually tries for her shoulder or her hands. The dog doesn't do it to anyone but her. My daughter has taken her to numerous training classes. She showed the dog as a 4-H project. The dog seems to listen to everyone but my daughter. I've tried to have my daughter be more alpha towards the dog, but it doesn't seem to be working. (9 year old are also hard to train )Any suggestions?
Posted by Annie
Aug 29, 2008
Hi there,
this is what I wrote for another worked for us...

I´m not sure if this technique is approved or not, but it worked for me.

When my dog ( as a young teenager like yours) did this to my kids, I went on the warpath! I behaved like a protective Lioness. I moved between the dog and my child, growling till it hurt my throat, and held my body in a very aggressive manner. I hunted her, growling and barking, away from my child and out to the garden. ( don´t think of the neighbours !) She tried to circle around with her tail between her legs, but I kept severe eye contact, and kept 'pushing' her away from the home.( I never used physical force) We then went inside and shut the door.

She sat there looking sorry for herself for a long time ( when she tried to bite the baby she was 'bannished for 3 hours, for play biting she was out there for 15 mins)

She was allowed back inside then and life was big Hoo Haa with treats or anything.

Maybe you think I was too extreme, but my thinking was that a dog is a pack animal and to be 'banished' from the pack is possible death ( in the wild) I felt that the worst thing I could do was to alienate her from the family. All I can say is that I have an extremely loving confident happy dog, who has attempted to bite twice, and then the problem was gone. Absolutely gone. I will not tollerate what may be a potential problem between my kids and the dog....

I must say that I always felt in control, this was not a 'gut' reaction and the punishment must suit the crime. Don´t be fooled that the dog is just playing ( unless is a very little puppy) and you can see that the dog will only behave like this to the weakest member of the family. Use your Alpha status to put the dog firmly in place.

The other side of this is I did extensive 'training' with my kids that they treat the dog well, behave in a confident manner, and don´t abuse their status. They also never play rough house/ wrestling with the dog.

Hope I gave you something to think about,