Off leash barking problem

Posted by borderterrierlover
Jul 10, 2012
Hi all!

Been a long time since I last posted here. The last time I was asking on how to housebreak my 4 month old puppy haha!

Anyway I now have a different little problem that I hope to correct before it turns into a much bigger problem. A bit of background on my dog. She's a 9 month old border terrier bitch, perfectly obedient on-leash and off-leash and loves to play with other dogs and humans.

Okay so the problem is lately when I take her to the dog park and let her off-leash (after making her sit down and wait before letting her run around), whenever she sees other dogs she'll run up to them and start barking and running in large circles around them. It seems to me that she doesn't exhibit any other aggressive behaviour (yet anyway) and just wants to play with them but obviously I don't think the other dogs and their owners appreciate a little border terrier running up and bark at them. Luckily I have yet to meet an owner or dog that has taken a dislike to this behaviour but I really would like my doggy to greet other dogs in a non-vocal way. A bit of a funny thing I've noticed since having her at 4 months is that she never sniffs other dogs' butts.

On-leash she has no problems with barking at other dogs as I correct her instantly if I see any signs that she is becoming distracted so I'm not sure as to why she would bark off-leash at other dogs.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 14, 2012
Hi there, welcome back!

Does she come back when called reliably? Getting her back to you for a sit down may help if you do it every time she starts this behaviour. It will teach her that "manic" behaviour = I have to sit with mom and not get to play as much.
Posted by borderterrierlover
Jul 15, 2012
Yes she is usually quite obedient when I call her to come back to me off-leash although funnily enough she can only do a couple of the commands (out of the many) she knows when not in my house. It's like she totally forgets what those commands are as soon as she steps out the door.

Anyway I will try your suggestion to get her to sit whenever she barks at other dogs off-leash. It's worth a shot. Thanks!