Olde English Bulldogge

Posted by Rita-Thompson
Apr 25, 2008
We have a 13 week olde english bulldogge. We also have a female cat, male cat, and a 3 pound dog. We are currently doing the Alpha dog thing, but are concerned about training with the other animals. The female cat is an instigator of problems The male cat stands his ground. The dog stands her ground but the size difference is a problem. How can we train her to leave them alone. She totally ignores no and all alarms when other animals are involved. We started the alpha dog yesterday, and are still doing it. We spray her with water, shake a can with rocks, ring a bell and blow a whistle when she is after the other animals. We just don't want her to hurt them. She is not trying to hurt them but she is so big.
Posted by Todd
Apr 28, 2008
Hi there Rita and thanks for the post.

I am glad you are starting things with the alpha stuff, well done. I am also glad you have tried all methods of telling her off as this is usually where i start.

The one method i think you give a try is to put a thick nylon fishing line on her collar. Give her a little bit of slack. Let her advance towards the cats then give her a loud AHHHH as well as a tug on the line. If she turns towards you then praise her and call her too you.

This is teaching her that harrassing the cats is bad and she will only get attention when she ignores them

As she gets better and better give her more and more free line. Make sure you praise any small advance towards you as well as tugging her and telling her off if she goes towards the cats

Good luck with her be patient and let me know how things go and if i can help anymore