Our Little Girl "Foofi" Is In Heat

Posted by Ricardo
Feb 3, 2010
We have 3 Maltese family members. "Foofi", our little 4 year old girl...who has had 2 litters with our little boy "Maxi"...who is about 3 years old. We have kept one little boy "Lion King" from Foofi and Maxi's first litter....he is about 1 year old. Foofi is "In-Heat" again just after having her second litter Sept. 21, 2009. We have found wonderful homes for all of her 6 puppies from the second litter.

Once Foofi gets through this Heat, we will fix her. In the meantime, we are keeping her apart from Maxi and Lion King....quite a challenge, as you may guess.

Here is our question; is there anything we can do, for Maxi and Lion King, short of finding another female, to relieve their desire to mate?
Posted by kjd
Feb 4, 2010
Hi, Ricardo

The best thing you can do for Maxi and Lion King is to neuter them. They will no longer have the desire to mate. You will no longer have to worry about their escaping when some female comes in heat.

I realize it is hard for a man to consider neutering his dog, but the dog does not have the same hang-ups. He isn't a eunich and he won't grow fat -- unless you feed him too much and exercise him too little. If you talk with your vet, you will find there are also some health reasons for neutering.

Please neuter,