Over protective GSD

Posted by rickaz80
Feb 24, 2009
I have two year old female GSD, she is very protective of her pack. Last year, the wife's brother came to visit. The meeting did not go well, and never became well. We tried walking, which went well until we walked into the house. We tried treats, but did not get the desired results. At one point after a good long walk with the brother in-law, we thought we had a break through. Then the wife and brother went shopping and when they came back, the dog nipped the brother in-law.
Now the mother in-law is comming for a visit. Any suggestions.
Posted by Liz-amp-Koa
Feb 25, 2009

I have almost the same problem. When people are coming to visit I send my dog to Doggie Day Care. If I can't he is in a separate room. I feel bad for him, but safety first. He seems fine one minute and the next he will lunge. It is so stessful.

Good luck.

Posted by KOPsBecks
Feb 25, 2009
I would agree with the above post that the safety of your guests is the most important factor here. Either put your dog in a separate room when guests are around or leave a muzzle on your GSD while she has access to people.
I think the best idea is to continue with the walks with not only your brother-in-law but also other people likely to be in contact with your dog and strangers, but make sure they are safe by muzzling your dog for these walks.
Praise your dog for good calm behaviour around these people, do this with either treats or pats and affection.

Keep trying, but keep your visitors safe,
Good luck,