Posted by tonder
May 8, 2010
Have a 11 mo. wheaten terrier and poodle(whoodle).He can be aggresive when he has an object that is valuable to him. Such as a dead or live mouse,a rawhide bone etc...We quit giving him rawhide.He knows drop on lesser objects.He will growl and nip and hold on to object until I pry his mouth open. I always hold my ground firmly without yelling or hitting.When will he start submitting?We've done all the alpha training.What's up???? Tim
Posted by kjd
May 8, 2010
Hi, Tim.

I notice you have been having this problem for some time, as you asked the same question back in January. Did you try MaxHollyNoah's suggestion? I realize it is kind of difficult to control his access to a mouse, dead or alive, but do the training with rawhide bones. Since you stopped giving them to him, they should be especially valuable. Remember to hold on to the bone at all times, until you are positive he understands and will drop it on command.

Right now, this is how the dog sees these:
-- Rawhide bone: Huh?
-- Mouse: Oooh! Look what I got! No! It is mine! Leave it alone!

You can change his attitude towards the second, but it will be difficult. Much easier to work on the bone:
-- Rawhide bone: Oh, look! I want that! It's yours? Let me chew on it! Yum! Oops, you said to drop it. OK. This liver is even yummier!
-- Mouse: Oooh! Look what I got! You said to drop it. OK. I like the liver better anyway.

See, with the bone, you can easily take it away (you are holding it, remember?) with no yummy liver if he refuses to "drop it."

Oh, yes. Since he isn't going to give up the mouse in the beginning, use some other words (give that to me or let go) until he knows the drop it works for everything.

Hope this helps,