Paper eating

Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Feb 15, 2008
Can anyone tell me why some dogs love to eat paper as in: toilet paper, tissues or papertowels, clean or dirty? We work hard to keep them away from our GS, but if he gets hold of it ,it's gone.
Thanks for any help
Stephanie & Wyatt
Posted by Todd
Feb 17, 2008
hi there

I think the best way to deal with this issue is to reprimand him when you catch him with it. When you do catch him tell him off with a GRRRR or an AHHHHHHH. I also think that water pistols and throwing a blanket over him

When you do this you can try also putting him onto something that he likes to chew and play with this. In this way of mixed reprimanding and reinforcing onto the right object you are more likely to have success.

You could also try sprinkling some chilli or hot sauce on the paper to help discourage him.

Cheers, Todd