Pick up the old stool of other dogs

Posted by Samy-AmiN-Nashed
Feb 28, 2011
You will forgive me this is the first time I join with you .. I have a dog Golden Retriever five months old said .. And fed dry eating brand Royal Cannon .. And I am keen that the quantities of eating according to the schedule Cannon Royal .. The problem is that my dog and inexplicably, during out of space after eating .. Pick up the old stool of other dogs from the park and and eat:!! Unfortunately, that does not work with my dog reprimand. what is the solution ? THK:mad::mad:
Posted by KOPCaroline
Mar 1, 2011
Hey Samy,

This is a pretty common thing with dogs, some of them just like eating it!

If he does it only at the park its best to train him to come to you every time you say "come". Keep working on this training at home. Until he comes back 100% of the time, keep him on a lead at the park, so that you can say "come" and give the lead a tug at the same time, so he learns.

At the park is a bit more difficult to train specifically, does he eat his own poo at home? There are additives and sprays (tabasco sauce, chili, etc) you can put on the piles to make them less appetizing for the dog, but its hard to do that at a dog park. I do think your best bet is to work on his recall training, and keep him on a lead until he gets the point.

If you let him off lead, and he eats a pile, try saying "no" sternly and then putting him back on lead for a while, so he recognizes its something he shouldn't do.

There are threads in this forum that discuss other owners similar problems, you might browse through those for some other hints. Good luck!!