Possible Fear or Territory Aggression Problems

Posted by chiefsone
Aug 10, 2007
Three weeks ago I adopted a 1 1/2 year old female Yorkie from the orginal family where they had 3 kids; 12 year old, 5 year old and a 10 week old baby as well as another 4 year old female Yorkie. They told me the reason they needed to find a new home for her was she was having problems with toliet training since the new baby. They also said she was very territorial of the family.

She seems to be making the adjustment to my 12 year old male Yorkie fine. She is super sweet, loving, a lap dog that wants to be laying close to my husband or myself and loved all the time. Very mellow and doesn't bark unless there is a visitor.

But I am having a couple of problems:

1. She is not telling me she has to go outside. She will go if my 12 year old needs to go out or if I ask if they need to go outside.

2. We have had a several visitors; she starts shaking, growling, showing teeth and she has lunged at them if they get to close to my husband or myself.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Posted by Alpha-Dog
Aug 15, 2007
Hi there,

Thank you for your post. Firstly, I noticed that you have posted this question in two places within the forum, and wanted to include a link to an answer already posted by "eyeluvdogs":


I think it contains some valuable recommendations. However I did want to elaborate on the aggression towards visitors situation for you.

Here is a specific program to deal with your dog rushing to the door when visitors arrive.
[*]Get an adult friend to come and visit (make sure that you tell them what is happening!).
[*]As your friend knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, make your dog sit and give it a treat. Then put your dogs collar on and take it to either a crate or a secure room. If your dog is too much of a handful at even this stage then you will have to put your dog away before your visitor gets to the door.
[*]Sit your friend down in a room that is not often use by your dog. Give you friend some treats so that they can give them to your dog.
[*]Go to your dog and make it sit, and then take it into the room that your friend is in. Make sure that your friend does not give any eye contact. Act as happy as you can while petting your dog.
[*]If your dog growls or disobeys your commands at ANY TIME then squirt it with water or shake a pebble filled can to startle it. Have the water pistol or can in your dogs view at all times.
[*]Make your dog sit quite a long way from your guest, perhaps in the doorway of the room. When your dog is calm get it to heel and move it closer, then get your dog to sit again. Praise your dog when it sits and heels properly.
[*]When your dog is calm and you have moved it and made it sit within 5 feet of the guest then get the guest to give your dog a treat. Make sure that the guest does not look your dog in the eyes.
[/LIST]The more you can practice this, the better. This method requires that your dog knows and responds to the sit and heel commands. Make sure that your dog does this before you attempt this method.

I hope this helps. Good luck!