Problem Pup

Posted by Suzannah
Dec 21, 2011
My pup is 11 weeks old. i have to work and am out 8.5 hrs a day. my partner works also but different hours so the maximum time the dog is left alone is about 4 hrs.
we play with her as she is an active breed, but she gets distructive when we're not around. yesterday she pulled the telephone line off the wall and ripped open the connection box. thank god she didnt get electricuted. she hadnt shown any previous interest in this item mounted on the wall, and as i said we play with her and she has plently of toys around. she had to be left inside as there has been a big outbreak of parvo in town, and she is awaiting her second vaccine this week.
i dont know what to do, the telephone connection was permanent attachment to the wall. and i dont want her to get into trouble when no one is around. she has also chewed on the corners of the walls of the house and lifted the paint. this is going to end up costing me heaps as i am renting this house.
she also has a bad habbit that sometimes when i growl her she barks back at me, then runs around the house really fast, coming past me to bark or bite as she goes by.
my partner and i will go outside to the garden and she will sit at the door and whine and bark and scratching the door. she used to do that outside the bedroom door, but stopped. we try to wait until she stops before we come back inside but sometimes we need to go inside while she is still barking but we ignore her until she settles. everytime she sees someone else she gets excited jumps and whines wagging her tail like crazy and i cant get her to settle. when i sweep or mop the floor she will chase and bite the broom or the mop, which is annoying as its impossible to get the job done and worries me when she bites the mop because of the floor cleaner chemicals. we've tried growling her, she ignores, we've tried to push her out of range of the mop, she just comes back, we tie her up and she barks pulling at the leash. the other day she pushed past us as we came inside and bolted down the drive way. i thought i wouldnt chase her coz surely she'd stop, but she didnt she ran halfway down the driveway towards our property gate, and my partner and i had to chase her. we washed her as she was muddy then she did it again to my partner who was leaving for work.
she's a really full on dog, and we try to play with her as much as we can to reduce any excess energy. but it doesnt seem to help.
my partner informed me the other day that when he is home she is generally quiet and does her own thing most of the time. when i get home she goes psycho and bites and barks. she barks when i got the the bathroom, outside or tie her up for being naughty. i dont know why she becomes soo different when i get home, i am calm with her, play with her and train her.
please help
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 22, 2011
Hey Suzannah,
Sounds like a handful! I’ll try to break things down into individual problems

I would suggest crate training your pup for when she’s home alone. This way you can be assured that she’s safe, and so are your belongings! You can also put her in the crate to sleep – so that she starts to identify it as a safe place and as “her” place. Try putting a shirt that smells like you or your partner in the crate, feed her there, put her favourite toys in, etc.

When she growls back at you when you discipline or reprimand her – part of this is just her being a silly puppy, but its still a good idea to give her a stern “no” or “enough” when it happens. If she continues – try putting her in time out. Put her in a small, dark, quiet room for about 10 minutes. Be sure she’s calm before you let her out, and if she comes out and immediately goes back to naughty behaviour – she goes right back into time out! Most dogs get the point pretty quickly – I used time out training with my own dog and he learned very quickly what was ok and what wasn’t.
Time out training can be used for some of the other trouble you’re having – any misbehaving = time out. That includes being too worked up over guests, scratching at doors, attacking brooms, etc.
It may also be worth getting some baby gates to keep her away from certain areas at certain times, ie – cleaning time. Likewise, simply shut her in a different room while you mop. Do reprimand her when she is out and attacking the broom/mop – and then try timing her out.

The fact is some of these problems are going to continue while she’s so young. She will grow out of some of it! I would advise you to enrol in a puppy class or socialization class as soon as she’s fully vaccinated. That way you and her can bond more, as well as getting her exposed to other people and dogs, which will hopefully settle her excitement over strangers.

Please don’t hesitate to ask anything else, we’re here to help! I hope my advise helps good luck!