Problems at the front window

Posted by Twodognight
Feb 26, 2009
Help, I have a 10 month old Collie that is dominant (we are working on that) and also obsessive at the front window. He looks for dogs, kids, joggers, etc. and then goes crazy when he sees anyone near the house. It is like he snaps. If he is pulled down frome window, he will sometimes redirect his frustration at our German Shepard. He has redirected at me but I have gotten tougher with him and he hasn't down it to me for awhile. It isn'tthe usual warning barking, it is very aggressive. I'v tried quick jerks on his leash, I've tried treats when he sits and stays when someone goes by but he always goes back to this behavior. Help!
Posted by LetsPlay
Aug 19, 2009
Hi there,
it sounds as though your dog doesn't accept your leadership. Dogs that feel they are in control of the pack are usually very stressed creatures. They are stressed because they feel that they have to protect you and look after you.
Everything that happens outside the window is a potential danger, so they need to chase all people, bikers etc away.

Collies are very intelligent and need a lot of exercise. I would recommend that you
-establish yourself as the leader of the pack
-exercise the collie every day for as long as you can (physically and mentally)

You will need to be a calm and consistent leader to show your collie that he doesn't have to worry about all the dangers outside as you are the one looking after him. Never use force, as that will make you appear as a weak leader, always react calm. Ignore your dog when you first get home, eat before your dogs, don't let them sleep or sit on the sofa or bed etc.
Have a look at the Alpha book to find out more.

Let us know how you get on.