Pup eating poop!

Posted by srichardson1958
Jun 25, 2008
How do you get a pup to not eat poop???
Thank you..
Posted by Todd
Jul 14, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the question.

Eating poo or coprophagia is a medical condition some dogs especially pups can suffer from for a number of reasons.

I think getting your pup checked over by a vet may be a great place to startto make sure there is nothing too serious going on

Diet problems can be very serious.It is essential that your pup is on a good quality diet that has been Affco tested for pups. A number of mineral deficiencies as well as lack of fibre can lead your pup to need to eat its poo.

If he carries on with this there are a few ways we can control things. The best way is to clean up the poo straight after they have done it to make sure they can't eat their poo.

The other idea is to make the poo very unattractive to eat. You can put cayenne pepper on it or try sour apple stuff. This will put them off it by making it taste very very bad

Good luck and let me know how things go

Posted by chippiechick
Jul 24, 2008
Hi srichardson1958. My dog, a sheltie(1.5yr old), used to do the same thing. He used to eat his poop, seconds after depositing it, not even giving me enough time to clean it up!!. Apparently, him eating the poop was because of me reprimanding him too often, when he was a pup, when he'd poop inside. Nowadays, I go outside every morning(he sleeps inside, by the way and doesn't have a doggy door) with a small plastic shovel and ask him "where is the poo?"!! He generally responds by walking over to where he pooped and then I just say "Good Boy"!! He thinks it's a game so he keeps his poops for me to find and clean up!! Hope this helps, let me know coz I'm sure you could help me with some of my doggy issues!!
Posted by Lyvettely
Jul 24, 2008
My pup when he was younger would do the same. I tried a can of pumpkin which did not work. Finally what did was pineapple chunks from a can. It was pleasing to him but when it came out the other end he was repelled by it. Tried it for several weeks and it worked for me. hope this helps.