Puppy biting

Posted by cousteau
May 22, 2011
My puppy is a 14 week old lab, and for some reason, when my fiance Brian walks into the room, Cousteau jumps for the things in his hands, attacks his shoes, or bites his pants. When Brian sits down on the couch, Cousteau either is licking or biting Brian, or trying to get up to him. Brian tells him a firm 'NO', and pulls his hand away, but Cousteau starts biting or attacking with more excitement. After a few NOs, he gets put into the time out room. This helps, and I have been trying to remind Brian to do it more consistently. What I can't figure out, is why Cousteau does not go as far with me. I spend less time with him, as Brian has him while at work. He maintains that for the most part, Cousteau is fine, but every night, I witness this scene played out over and over again. It seems like Cousteau is testing him, and once he gets past a certain excitement state, he stops listening. I do notice some differences between how we interact with the puppy: I do the warning-no-command, and Brian seems to give too many commands, and seems to let him get too far without a consequence. We do the alpha dog stuff: eat before him, we ignore him when we come into rooms, we do some training with him every day, including sitting during walks, sit and stay for food, etc. And yes, he gets enough exercise. Is there anything else that we can do, or can you give us any ideas as to what might be going on? My only other thought is that this is one of the phases, where puppies test dominance to make sure they don't need to step into the alpha role, but this is getting rather tiresome.
Thank you for any help you have,
Posted by jnall3
May 23, 2011
We are now at the 8 month puppy stage and we went through this with our dog. She is just now out growing it. Patience until they get older and lots and lots of chew bones. She is teething and wants to play.
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 24, 2011
Hi Sarah,

Honestly, Cousteaus behaviour sounds pretty normal to me for a puppy. Dogs can figure out who will let them play harder and rougher, and will "antagonize" that person - my own dog still does the same with my boyfriend when he comes over. Is it just with Brian that this aggravating behaviour comes out?

If Brian is happy to keep training the way he has been, Cousteau will eventually settle down - most puppies go through a phase of bad, sometimes annoying behaviour, but usually grow out of it pretty quickly. You and Brian should try to be a united front on training, however, so that the two of you are using the same methods and not confusing your pup!

If you're sick of him jumping and biting, try putting him in time out as soon as he starts up - shut him up alone in a quiet room for a few minutes and let him out once he's calmed down. If he comes out and immediately starts pestering again, he goes right back into time out. I'd try this since saying "no" and moving your hands away from him arent working so far

Hope this helps you! Let us know how things go and if you need more help!