Puppy got bit, now might be showing fear aggression

Posted by srymer
Oct 13, 2009
My 13 year old son was walking our 9 month old Bishon/Cavalier mix and another dog got loose, held our dog Riley to the ground and bit him on the neck. Riley had a puncture wound that healed quickly w/o going to the vet. I have noticed since this happened that he is startled very easily, will bark and lunge at whatever is making noise. He will also lunge at my husband every time he gets close to me or we touch his crate. Riley has always tended to get a little sassy when told no, may even bark or bite at clothes if he is wound up. He is trained to sit/stay, lay, speak, down, off, shake, roll over and still working on come both inside and outside. If I prepare him for the noise or my husband coming close, I can have him sit or lay and stay and he will, athough he is still very tense. I want to make sure I handle this right. Any advice will be helpful.
Posted by KOPsarah
Oct 18, 2009
hi srymer and thanks for your post,
I was just wondering whether your practice alpha training with your dog? It sounds as though your dog is often questioning your authority and doesn't see you as a leader. This will be fuelling his idea that he must protect himself and the rest of the pack from intruders and strangers .