Puppy keeps laying down!!!

Posted by katkins1985
Apr 28, 2008
I have a 10 week old Australian Shepard, Beau, he is cute, cuddly and everything that a puppy should be....except that when I am trying to train he to lay down he rolls over on his back. Why is hes rolling on his back? I am not using a leash..should I be? He sits when told, sometimes, and plays catch. I have a 2 year old Great Dane and I am afraid that she is teaching Beau bad habits. Beau goes every where with me and I would like to be able for him to respond when he is in public. When I say DROP! I want him to be obedient. I realize that he is still a puppy, but he is smart and I am convinced that he should be able to listen. Please help!!!

Posted by ssyates
Apr 29, 2008
I had the problem too. I still have some with oneof my doodles. However I usually train with a lead. I found that after I get them to do what I expect on a lead they will then do as I ask later. Teaching a dog to sit, stay , stand , and walk is easier with a lead first. Then after they master the hand gestures and voice commands start with out the lead. They will get it. But I recommend limiting training time at first, then gradually add several minutes and review multiple commands.
Posted by Todd
May 4, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

This is a normal puppy response. It is a form of submission as he sees you as the boss. They do grow out of it but it will take time.

When he does roll on his back turn away, don't talk to him, don't pet him. You have to wait until he is being confident again to show him attention and praise. This will help reinforce confident behaviour not submission.

Good luck and if the problem doesn't solve ask again and we will go from there