Question for Todd about introducing a puppy to an adult dog

Posted by nydianaponte
Feb 3, 2008
Hi. I have a 2 years old female Akita. She is very good with people, but not with animals. I got a 2 months old male Akita. For the last month (he is 3 months now) i started putting them together so she can smell him, and she used to show her teeth to him. After two weeks i let him on the floor so they can play. They wrestle very hard and sometimes i get scared because he doesn't get tired even he is most of the time n the floor. The female sleeps outside the house and the puppy still sleeps inside. My front door is made of metal and glass, so they can see each other thru the door. Even they play when I am present, sometimes the male stands in front of the door, when she sees him, she shows her teeth and starts growling and barking. I believe that if i keep putting them to play every day, eventually they will get along without me being there to guard them. I read the book about the alpha dog and i am applying the guide for us to be the alpha, and after us she should be the one because she is the oldest, When he grows up, i don't know what is going to happen. Am i doing the right thing? Thanks in advance. Nydian
Posted by Todd
Feb 10, 2008
HI there and thanks for your question.

Yeah it sounds like you are on the right track with this thing. The alpha training is very important and it is good to hear you are getting on top of this.

Introducing dogs should be a very gradual thing and i am glad you are doing this.
I would recommend from the outset that you have a product called DAP. This is a natural canine pheromone (a good smell) that is great at calming dogs in these situations.

The way you are introducing them is brilliant and smell is very important. When you have them in the same room make sure they are both on leads and if need be muzzle the girl. It is easier to deal with problems with a lead and teeth taken out of the equation.

There should be no rough housing allowed at all to start with. Your girl needs to feel safe and your pup needs to learn he is below her in the house. This will take time and patience.

It is important to make both dogs get along. To do this you will need someone else to help you. Play and give all the attention to one dog, then swap around and do the same to the other.

Any aggression what so ever, whenever must be reprimanded. Use a loud GRRRRRRRRR or AHHHHHHHHHHH to get their attention and throw a blanket over their head or squirt with a water pistol. The second they respond, sit and behave then praise them with attention.

You can try feeding the dogs near each other but keep her on the lead so she doesn't lunge.Take things very slowly and make sure the pup has time to learn where he stands and the girl gets comfortable.

Good luck and let me know how things go

Todd Field
Posted by nydianaponte
Feb 10, 2008
Hi Todd,

Thanks for answering my questions. Now i feel comfortable knowing that i am on the right track.

Yesterday was the first day they spent the whole day together. The played until they got tired and after that they felt asleep one next to the other. They looked so cute, and i was very happy!

I am going to look for the product you recommended because this is not over yet. I still need to keep attention to both of them.

Thanks very much for taking time to answer my question.

I'll keep you posted.

Best regards,