ReCall Traning

Posted by jbecke91
Apr 25, 2008
I have a 3 year old Jack Russell, whom is very curious about every thing and every one. Admittedly, I did not work with him enough while he was a puppy to enforce the recall command. I am now and have been working with him using the long leash method for about 3 weeks. I am seeing results, but he still has a hard time when he see other dogs near by. Weather on or off the leash, he will bolt towards the other dog, completely ignoring the "come" command.

I am looking for suggestions and tips on how I can reinforce this training, while still giving him the chance to be off leash on occasion.
Posted by Todd
Apr 28, 2008
HI there and thanks for the post

This is a quick one to answer as you are doing everything right. All you have to do is use the same method you have been doing with the recall but in a more controlled setting

Do the same thing but make do it in your back yard with another dog. Get the dog to sit a few metres away from your dog. And follow the same principle starting with a short lead and building up the right behaviour.
As he gets better and better give him more and more lead.

After he gets well behaved with another dog and so on. Once he is really well behaved give a try with a couple of dogs.

For a start it will be easier to keep the other dogs on a short lead but as the training goes on have them more and more off lead.

Keep up the great work and let me know how things go

Posted by jbecke91
Apr 28, 2008
Thank you for your reply Todd. Your advise makes a lot of sense and I will practice it at every opportunity Although, what if I do not have access to another dog to help my dog and I in our training. Do you have an alternative suggestion?
Posted by lyn-treasure
May 19, 2008
I had this problem with my dane. I used a 30 ft training lead left attached to harness then if he didnt come back pull him in telling him to come until he knew what I wanted, every now a then I would step on the lead so that he had to "stop", at the same time telling him to stop. If he went off at a great rate of knots I would call him walk in the opposite direction and keep shouting "Zak this way" in a happy voice then he would eventually follow. Lots of praise and a treat when he did as he was told. Now I only call him in to have his lead on to go home, but use "this way" to let him now which direction he needs to come, (this way hes always coming towards me and hes obeying a command without really knowing it) when he gets near use your normal command to call him to you. Tokk about 6 weeks but now hes a dream
Hope this helps