Really need advice about barking!!!

Posted by dbw4
Jan 15, 2008
I have a 12 week old bulldog puppy who is barking, I believe for attention. When I tell her No in a stern voice and growl she barks harder! I live in an apartment and I am afraid that neighbors are going to complain.

I am following the Alpha Dog steps. I am eating out of her bowl, going through doorways first and I no longer let her on the bed or couch. (She sleeps in a crate without issues.) She will also run under the bed or couch when she starts barking, which makes doing anything but saying No very difficult.

The only thing that I have found that works is to say No and then get up and leave the room and ignore her. She will immediately follow me into the other room and does stop barking, but we are repeating this routine several times a night. Am I doing the right thing? How long do I ignore her? What do I do when I start to pay her attention again?

Really need some advice!!!!!

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jan 16, 2008
Hi there.

I also have a very talkative dog named Holly. She is a border collie mix and she always has a lot to say, especially when he is excited like your dog.

I have tried "No bark!", squirt bottle, make her sit and down, etc. but so far I think turning around and ignoring her works the best.

By saying "No" even in a stern voice you are actually reinforcing her bad behavior because you are giving her your attention by responding to her barking. Water bottle works to get her attention when she so excited that she doesn't pay any attention to you but I still think ignoring is the best.

I know it takes time and I understand you want her to learn this quickly because of your housing situation, but unfortunately you will have to be patient.

If she barks, turn around and stand still. She stops barking turn back to her and reward. I can see she starts barking again as soon as she gets reward, then you will have to turn around and ignore her. This time take a little longer before your turn back to her and make it longer and longer before your reward her.

I am still working on this with Holly. Fortunately we don't need to worry about our neighbors so I don't mind taking long.

Good luck!!