Rescue Dog Needs Help

Posted by quemadoland
Jun 23, 2008
We recently adopted a Boxer/Husky mix. She is approx. 1 yr. old. She obeys well when she isn't distracted by rabbits, etc. She barks, growls and pulls on the leash when she sees another dog. She met our neighbor"s dog yesterday, and was O.K with her after our neighbor's dog rolled over and submitted. We are worried because not all dogs will submit to her. She did not show signs of aggression at the Humane Society shelter. We are training her to respect her property boundary, but we don't want an accident where she attacks another dog. We live in a rural subdivision and are not allowed to have fences, so we are training her with an electric fence. I do not trust that she will stay in her boundary if she sees wildlife, or another dog. Please Help!
Posted by Todd
Jul 14, 2008
Sorry for the delay i have replied to the first post you made