Sanding nails with Dremel

Posted by Penny-Irish
Mar 10, 2012
Can someone help explain what setting to use (lowest speed or medium?), and what sand paper to use, when using a Dremel to sand down my dog's nails. And, any tips on how to get the dog to be more receptive while doing it. I managed to sand one for a short time while feeding my dog this morning. But, any instruction would be helpful.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Mar 12, 2012
Hi there,

When I worked in vet clinics I found most used the medium setting at least - I think low would take to long to make good progress on nails!

As far as getting your dog used to it, try just bringing it out and turning it on every day so he first gets used to the noise. You can also touch it to his nails while its off, so he's used to it coming near him. Then combine the two - bring it near his paw while you're holding the paw. Then start touching it to his nails every time, even if they don't need a trim - just for a second, so he gets used to the touch of it.

I've actually found that most dogs accept the grinders more than clippers, and hardly ever had issue with using them on dogs. Hopefully you won't have too many problems!

Hope this helped - good luck!