Scary Bulldog

Posted by MasonsMom
May 26, 2008
We have a 17 week old English Bulldog puppy. He bites way too much. The whole family is covered in scratches. However, the most worrisome behavior he has is aggressively biting us when we need to take something out of his mouth. He has ferociously bitten us hard about seven times. He has had things in his mouth that are dangerous for him to swallow and we have to take them out. It is very scary when he does this. Please help us with any advice that you can give.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
May 26, 2008
Start basic obedience training soon.

Is he good with sit/down/stay and come? I would do positive reinforcement training everyday for 15 minutes until he learns "leave it" and "drop it" described in my previous postings.

I heard that some breeds including bulldogs and pit bulls have very hard jaws and they don't let go of things once they bite them. Therefore, I really would recommend you work on his obedience training.

When you give a treat, make sure he takes it nicely (gentle) from your hand. That is another practice to be gentle with people's hands and skins.

I am not very familiar with the breed so I hope somebody will give you more specific advices.

Good luck
Posted by taniajennifer
May 27, 2008
i agree with maxhollynoah. in addition maybe try this...

start hand feeding every meal to him. it worked very well for me. when it is feeding time, i had my dog sit and wait in front of me while i sat in a chair in the kitchen and scooped her dinner into my hands (about three fingerfuls) and fed it to her one 'scoop' at a time. and i made sure she waited between each bite, and made sure she took each bite from my fingers gently and she had to behave calmly before and during each bite. its time consuming and messy but it really hit the point home with her. and it only took a couple of weeks of this and we could switch to regular feeding.

good luck