Shock collar

Posted by Flippyaforeal
Jul 15, 2008
TITLE is so people read this and maybe I get a response.
My original post is as follows

13 month old German shepard/Pitbull mix
Pound Puppy, adopted her at 8 months old

On or off lead she completely ignores my commands when another dog or cat is around. I have followed the book quite close, and I am unable to figure this one out. I have tried dragging her in the opposite direction, even when I see what is about to happen and let the lead loose so Im not pulling her back. It doesnt matter if I bring the other animal to her attention or not! SAME RESULT, I have trained her religiously with the book for the past 5 months. This one I cant break her of. All I hear from friends shes a puppy and thats what puppys do.
Shock Collar seems like the only option

Just tonight same thing, I grabbed her snout to give her a deep rahhhhh and she snapped at me. The other dog was 50 feet away and she was freaking out. She is going to eventually get hurt the way she acts.
Posted by Todd
Jul 16, 2008
Answered first post.