Sleeping, Toilet training & Barking

Posted by Heidi11
Sep 15, 2010
I have a 6 month old moddle puppy named Lenny, who sleeps next to the bed in a wire cage. Eventually I would like to have him sleep on the floor without the need of the pen. How do I start this process so he doesn' chew things in the night?

At night time Lenny will bark when he wants to go to the toilet. He is 6 months old, should he be able to hold out throughout the night by now? If not, at what stage does this normally happen?

Lenny has started barking when we put him to bed, and if we are not playing with him when we are at home. If we put him outside (e.g. when we are eating) he barks excessively at the back door.

Could someone please advise how I should stop these issues!

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 15, 2010
Hi Heidi,

>At night time Lenny will bark when he wants to go to the toilet.

Are you sure Lenny is telling you he needs to go potty? It can be just he wants your attention. Have you ignore him until the morning? If you haven't You should start doing that. Take him out for potty right before you go to bed and ignore him until you get up in the morning. It will be helpful to limit his water intake after dinner, unless you take him for walk or play rough games late at night, then he might be thirsty.

As for chewing things during the night, make sure there is nothing for him to chew, except for some chew toys. In any case, I am afraid you will have less sleep once you have him sleep outside the cage. You may want to try this on the weekend so that lack of sleep won't matter much. Leave the cage door open so that he can go in and out. If he has been sleeping in the cage he might feel more comfortable sleeping in there.

Please think about it twice, since going from cage to loose will be easier than the other way around. If you think you want him to sleep in a crate later on, you might not want to eliminate the habit now.

I have never used crates/kennels for my dogs but some people find those very handy.

As for barking, it is clearly seeking attention. The best thing you can do, and you should start as soon as possible, is to ignore him. Dogs learn lessons from consequences - He wants to play - he barks - he gets attention from you. He is bored outside - he barks - he gets your attention.

Give him attention ONLY when he is calm and quiet. Again, he learns that he can get your attention when he is settled.

Every day is learning stage so be patient and consistent.

Good luck
Posted by Heidi11
Oct 1, 2010
Thank-you very much!

We have been ignoring his barking behaviour when he is outside, which is proving very successful. He is less interested in being inside if we put him out and ignor him!

As for sleeping through the night, we have been taking him before bed, and when I get up which is good. I have had 2 weeks of unbroken sleep - which has been amazing!

Thanks again,