Submissive dog?

Posted by omar
Oct 28, 2007
Another thing with my pups...
Crathos a 6 months old yorkshire backs off when I aproach him. I wonder if this is a case of a submissive dog or he just isnĀ“t in a mood for a hug.
thanks for the help
Posted by Emma
Nov 7, 2007
Hi there

Its quite hard to tell if your dog is baking off because of submission or if he is just not in the mood for something off your post. Does your dog do this every time you walk towards it?? Or does it just back away when you are doing a particular jesture like towering over it or comeing over to it really fast etc?

If your dog only does this every now and then it may just not want you to come over to it at that stage.
If your dog is responding to you coming at it arms wide open towering over it etc this can be quite daunting and scary for a dog. Sometimes what we see as a friendly gesture is seen by them as very dominant and over whelming. Especially, because your dog is quite small I would not be suprised if this was the case.

I will be interested in hearing a little bit more detail about this though before saying what is definately going on.