Sudden Aggression

Posted by Neillj
Dec 29, 2011
I have a 18 month old Male AKita called Kai who I love to bits but over the past 2 months has started showing aggression. This is totally out of the blue and is worrying me as I am the Alpha male but I would be afraid of this happening to my daughter. Just last night I dropped a glove in the kitchen and Kai grabbed it in his mouth and went to his crate with it, I firmly said drop which he would always do but he did not respond. I took a treat out of the cupboard and told him to drop again he did drop it and took the treat but when I went to lift the glove he went for me dropped his tail started to tremble and growl. This has happened to my wife before and I thought she was over reacting but after seeing it for myself it is worrying me. I managed to get the back door opened and got him outside! as soon as he was out he dropped the glove and never went near it again but I left him outside for timeout! When I went back around 15mins later I let him back in but his body language was all wrong with me when he got in, he was walking really slowly passed me and sat at the door,every movement was like he was going to attack me again! We have done everything properly from day 1 with Kai, he listens to all commands apart from this situation. You can take anything from him including meals, treats, toys etc. I am just really worried now as nobody wants to have an aggressive dog but this is the third time this has happened and has always been something that has dropped and he has grabbed it. Please advise as I want to get this sorted out ASAP. Many Thanks!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 29, 2011
Hi Neillj,

I understand your concern very well. I am not a professional dog behaviorist or trainer but I would like to help you out if all possible.

First of all, is he neutered? If not, I strongly recommend you will fix him.

Secondly, I would assume you are very familiar of the breed Akita, since it is not for a novice owner especially small children. Akita is dominent and has complex personality so it is very challenging to raise them as well-obeying dogs to everybody. And of course they are very protective and would guard their resources, including their owners.

Thirdly, 15mos to 2 yrs is when male dogs usually get more aggressive, due to transition from a pup to an adult dog. They can get confused where they stand in the pack, or challenge to a higher position. Once he can sense your fear (or uneasiness) he might try to go beyond the boundaries.

Thinking about all the above, I would strongly recommend you will repeat basic trainings every day and make sure he gets plenty of both physical and mental stimulations so that he would not feel nothing else to do but to bully you and your family. Re-establish your relationship with him, as well as the ones between him and your wife, and your daughter before it gets too out of control. I wish you the best
Posted by Neillj
Dec 29, 2011
Many thanks for your reply! Kai has been neutered and I have started re training immediately after this happened to me. We have all started the basics again not that he is a disobedient but to try and let him know where he stands in the pecking order. This is the only problem we have ever had as he is such a loveable dog but the last thing I want is a aggressive dog.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 4, 2012
Hey Neillj,

I really can't add much to MHNs advice - its pretty much exactly what I would say.

The only thing I can add is that all of your family members, including children, need to work on training with him - he should understand that he is dominant to no person who lives with you. You and your daughter can work together to train - and you reprimand your dog if he growls or becomes at all agitated with your daughter.

Time outs, as you used when he stole the glove, are a really good training tool - so I would say good job, and keep using them when appropriate!

Everything else I could offer for suggestions are training things I'm sure you're already doing - like your family eats before him, you all go through doorways first, he waits until you've said ok to eat his own meals, etc, etc.

I really hope you see progress soon, please let us know how things are going!
Posted by Neillj
Jan 4, 2012
Many Thanks Caroline for your advise! Kai has always been great with food and treats you could take treats from him and give them back without him flinching, as for his feeding times his bowl is placed down and he sits until you tell him to move to bowl, also while he eats you can pet or take it away and there would never be a problem which is why I was a little set back by the episode that happened. We are all glad of your help and really appreciate your time and input!! Many thanks!!!