Swimming after Ducks

Posted by Lesley
Apr 1, 2009
You gave me some good advice before ..thanks but now I have a new problem. I have a Golden Retriever who is 14 months old and can sniff water out a long way away. She then runs off towards the water and is completely in a zone and will not respond to any calling/whistling ...her recall at all other times is good. She can take off in a split second, which sometimes I can anticipate and distract her by other activities/play but not always and she runs very fast!When I get to the water, she will (usually) come out! However, if there are ducks in the water she wants to swim after them and completely ignores me, whether I hide, run away, offer treats, play excited etc etc. So I am concerned on 2 accounts ...running off to water particularly if I don't know its there ...like a new area where she might run across a road (she has not done this yet as usually go to safe areas), and getting her back from water with ducks especially in breeding season. She can stay in the water for well over an hour swimming after the ducks and I can get some very critical commenst which is not pleasant especailly when I don't want my dog to be behaving in this way. In all other ways she is very obedient and likes to learn new stuff etc but this can make walks frustrating. I can avoid areas with water locally but it means cutting out some of the most enjoyable walks! Help please !!!! Thanks
Posted by KOPsBecks
Apr 8, 2009
hey Lesley,

have replied to your post via email, you should receive it soon,