Teaching our Great Dane to Not Jump on Kids

Posted by ParishClan
Mar 31, 2009
We have a 6 month old great dane that was house broken very quickly and can follows voice commands well.

But, for some reason, she wants to jump on our 10 & 11 year old and bite them when they try to walk her. At other times she is fine, but we can not seem to get her to stop and have to bring her in and put her in her kennel to get her to calm down.:eek:
Posted by KOPsBecks
Apr 1, 2009
Thanks for your post, here is a reply to another similar post I had a while ago and it applies here too:

The most important thing here is that you are consistent, it is important that your dog doesnt jump up at you or anyone else.

If a dog jumps on you, stand upright, don't make eye contact - completely ignore, cross your arms and stand with your feet a little spread apart. Eventually she will stop jumping, when she does, that is the time to lean down to their level and pet calmly.

If she jumps up on other people and you are around you can use a tin filled with stones and shake it everytime she jumps up to put her off and shock her, then say "NO" very loudly and with assertion. This will be especially effective if your dog listens to you normally but sometimes just gets over excited. Make sure to reward her for good behaviour around people.

One suggestion if your out walking use a long lead, even one of those retractable leads and if she runs towards people, let her go but if she goes to jump, correct her first with your voice "NO", but if she does not listen then pull hard and sharply on the lead to correct her. Reward her for then not jumping up and call her to come back to you. Possibly try this the first few times with people who are prepared for a dog to come running towards then, like friends or family.

It is important to reinforce the obedience that she already has so I suggest taking her to obedience classes. It is much easier to control a dog who is regularly taught to listen to you and they really enjoy it too!

Good luck,
Posted by lyn-treasure
Apr 14, 2009
Hi, I have a 12 stone two and a half year old dane that was a pleasure to take out, well behaved on leash, great on recall, free runs every day for about 90 minutes with a doberman and three ridgebacks, then last summer he decided it was a really good game to chase and jump on joggers and cyclists. Whatever I did made no difference, although I still took him out every day I was picking times when I hoped the joggers wouldn't be out, it was a nightmare for both me and the dog, I had to do something befor this summer so after much soul searching and lots of research, I decided to buy an electric shock collar. The result is: I've had the collar for 2 months and I've only used the shock twice, the first time when he focused and was about to jump on a jogger, and the second when he was chasing at full speed after a horse and rider, both times he stopped dead and came straight back to me. (I set the shock level on the collar at level 3 it will go up to I have to say it was the best money I have ever spent. He wears the collar every day when he goes out free running, joggers can now run past and he takes no notice at all, absolutely brilliant.
When you have a giant breed I think you need that bit of extra control as the sheer power they have can do so much damage very quickly, with the shock collar you have that control and the correction is immediate so they will associate the correction with the unwanted behaviour, if he goes to jump I just press a button that beeps (no shock) and it redirects his focus, its absolutely great. It has given me back my confidence as well cause I now my 12 stone of muscle is now trustworthy in any situation.
Hope this helps Lyn