Territorial Barking

Posted by Jody
Feb 4, 2011
Hi everyone,
This is my first post and I hoped someone could suggest some ways of tackling my pugalier's barking at anyone (man or beast) walking past our fence. If we are outside the fence he is friendly to everyone but I think he sees the fence line as the boundary of his territory and is very keen to protect it.
In general, he is reasonable well behaved but still a work in progress.
I have tried squirting him, tried the tin rattle with a loud NO, but wonder if this is still providing him with attention (although negative attention). Naturally, he runs from me when I try to catch him in our large yard because he knows I am cross. He will come when called by the males in our house but not me.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - he is a friendly boy and I don't want the neighbours to think he's not.
Many thanks, Jody
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 7, 2011
Hey Jody,

Territorial behavious is pretty common with dogs, it must be one of the biggest complaints I've heard of

The first thing to do is limit your dogs access to the area he's "defending" when he's alone - don't leave him unattended in the front yard. Do you have a back yard or a crate you can put him in instead? By leaving him there alone for whatever time period, you're leaving him with the "responsibility" of looking after the yard, so he barks at everyone passing by.

When you're in the yard with him, work on training to come to you at a simple command, if he doesn't already know it. Listen out for people approaching, and ask him to come to you before they reach your fenceline, keeping him distracted with his attention on you while they go by. Keep giving commands (sit, down, roll over, whatever) until the person is gone, and praise him heaps when he doesn't pay any attention to the passerby/animal. When he comes to you but starts to turn to an approaching animal/person, be quick to get him by the collar so he can't run away, tell him "no", and give him more commands to pay attention to. You need to be quick to get his attention off the fenceline.

As it progresses you can try leaving him in the front yard again, but what I found useful with my own dog, who used to bark at people going past our gate, was immediate removal from the area as soon as one bark gets out. Jackson (my dog) would bark and go to the gate, and as soon as I heard it gave a loud "oi!", was out in the yard, got him by the collar, and led him to his kennel in the backyard, where I tied him up for at least 10 minutes. I did this every time he barked, even if it was just once, even quietly. It didnt take him long to get that barking at the gate meant he got tied up, and that wasn't fun

These tricks seem to have worked in my experience, so try working with your pup on these suggestions. I do hope they work out, remember, you need to try and not leave him alone in the front yard for a while, as you work on training him and so on. Good luck, let us know you go!
Posted by Jody
Feb 9, 2011
Thank you for the tips! I'll keep you posted
Posted by Robyn-Rye
Feb 23, 2011
I am like jodi with the same issue of fence barking. My dog (german shepherd de-sexed male) is really aggressive at the fence. Our next door neighbour walks his dog in the morning and I can't always tell that he is out on the road until my dog goes beserk. He will not return for me and runs up and down the fence barking furiously. If i leave him on a long rope I have to wrap him around a tree to stop the running. Although i have done all of his training(most of the other stuff is successful) much to my disgust my husband can yell at him and he will normally go "around the back" which is what my husband yells at him( It doesn't work for me)
I will try your suggestions for jodi---are there any other people wjo have ideas?
Posted by dnsnghrt
Mar 4, 2011
[QUOTE=Jody;6508]Thank you for the tips! I'll keep you posted [/QUOTE]

the only thing I would disagree with here, is crating the dog!! My crates are for comfort and saftey to my dogs. At night i say ' kennel up" and they both run to their safety zone. I was trained to train them this way, so maybe crateing could be a punishment, but if I did it as that, mIm sure they would not be so excited to crate. i do agree with the taking them out of the front OR leashing in the the front and praising while they sit and watch people or other dogs go by works for me( forgot to say I have no fence but my neighboor does and they still use my leash technique and it works!!!