Toilet Paper unrolling

Posted by Arlene
Aug 14, 2008
Does anyone have suggestions on how to end a dog's desire to grab the toilet paper? My dog (a beagle/German shepherd mix) is almost a year old now (I thought she was getting over it, but she is back at it). I tried putting vinegar and cayenne pepper on the top piece (unattached), but she's learned how to take that off and get to the roll.

Thanks. Arlene
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Aug 15, 2008
Hi there,

My best advice is to keep the bathroom door closed.
It is much better and quicker than teaching your dog to leave toilet rolls alone.

Another thing you might want to do is to put a net cap over the roll of bathroom tissue (this will be a bit troublesome when you want to use it) but he might think it's not as much fun as before (without the net cap).

By all means, this is a good example of managing the situation instead of training your dog. You might want to use the time and energy to train/teach your dog more practical commands/tricks
Posted by Kea
Aug 28, 2008
My puppy did the same. I found the following effective so far:

- Several times, I let my puppy in the bathroom with me, then when she jumped for the TP I told her firm "No" (my puppy is 6 mos old and knew and follow "No" very well so far.)

- If accidentally the door is opened (our fault) and she pulled the TP stringing outside, and I saw her with it then I would correct her with firm "No"

She has stopped pulling the TP ; she doesn't seem to try to pull the TP when I'm around and few times the bathroom door was opened, and she walked in/out without dragging TP outside. So I'm assuming that the TP training has been good.

In short, for several occasions, let her walk into the bathroom with you and correct her whenever she attempted to play with the TP.