Two dogs are going to kill each other

Posted by Donna-Marshall
Jul 22, 2008
I have eight Mini Dachshunds Alley is four and Gretta is almost 4 and Baze is three and the only boy,Bingle is two, Dana is amost two,an Zeva is one,and Drama is almost one and Kandi is four months old. Every one gets along except Alley and Zeva they are going to kill each other. I have to keep them seperated. As soon as they see each other they crouch and tail comes up and it is on. They will not let go of one another Lemon juice and water the hose a blanket under the kitchen sink pulling the legs from behind. They get real ugly if they smell each other on the other side of the door raiseing sane. I have tried cans of pennies, nuges with my feet a towel wrapped in duct tape an air horn. Walking them on harness side by side five feet apart even with each other with treats for good behavior. They get home an it is on. Allley is not my alpha Gretta is. They both get along with every one else. By the way I tried mussels on both and they manage to still bite each other with it on.
Help me please!
Posted by Todd
Aug 6, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

Interdog aggression is very common but still a serious issue so i will try to help.

We need to get the two dogs getting along.....not thinking that one is the alpha and the other is below as this will create far too many issues. So work on the alpha and obedience side of things.

Now a muzzle is a great idea so it will pay to get at least one. For the next while you need to keep the two separate, like it sounds you have been.

You need to let them have controlled sessions together where they get to learn to behave. This is where the muzzles are key.

1. Firstly muzzle Alley, then put both dogs in a sit near you. Pet Alley, and then feed him. Then, feed gretta for tolerating your interactions with Alley. At first, this is best done with a second handler, but after the dogs become better at self-restraint, you can do this alone.

2. Sit on the sofa and call the dogs over. Ask one dog to sit or lie down. Make a fuss over Dog 2. Reward the sitting/downed Dog 1 for tolerance and remaining in place. Then reverse this: put Dog 2 in a sit or down position and make a big fuss over Dog 1. Reward Dog 2 for tolerance and staying. Again, you can do this by yourself if you have confidence that a brawl won't break out. Otherwise use a second handler to keep an eye on the sitting/downed dog. This exercise is best practiced on leash.

3. Remember that if you take one dog for a walk, leave the other one behind and kennel the walked dog on return. When things are calm for 5 – 15 minutes, get both dogs out and put them in sit and down together for a treat (never facing each other). Then allow them to interact, if you think that it is safe to do so at this point in training. Follow this advice when you work the dogs as well. Kennel one dog, and work the other dog. Then trade, kenneling one and getting the other out to work. After a 5 – 15 minute rest period, get the dogs out and carefully work them together. You may need two handlers for this also.

When it comes to meal time you should encourage the two dogs to eat at the same time near each other. Do not put their food bowls down until they are both sitting, listening and behaving. Be prepared for them to show some aggression, if one dog moves towards the others food or growls, reprimand them. The methods above are great for reprimanding the dogs. You really want to reinforce that food aggression is not acceptable. If at any stage one of the dogs misbehaves take its food away and put it into a quiet room. Wait ten minutes and then try again with that dog.

Over the next few weeks you can slowly move the dogs food bowls together. Do this slowly and always watch them. If they misbehave go back to the step where they tolerated each other. You should over time get them to the point where they can eat side by side.

Feeding the dogs side by side from your hand is a great way to reinforce their friendship but be very careful and only do this when you fully trust them. It will take you weeks to get to this stage.

Getting them along will take time. Some medication may be useful in the start to get both dogs to calm down. Talk to your vet about it and maybe try a natural product called DAP which may help.

Good luck and please ask us if you need help and we will try to help