Unneccessary Barking

Posted by msconstruct
Aug 18, 2010
How do you stop your dogs from barking. When my dogs are outside in the yard they will bark at the same neighbors and same things. You would think they would recognize these people since they see them everyday, Instead they bark uncontrolably as if they have never seen them before. It's rediculous.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 19, 2010
hey msconstruct,

Training your dog to stop barking incessantly involves mostly repetition, patience, and time.

Every time your dogs start to bark, give a stern, loud "no" or "quiet command. Then either remove your dogs from the area (bring inside, or to the backyard away from what they're barking at). You've got to do this immediately, every time they barks. Go out into the yard to them, don't say it from where they can't see you. Be direct and quick, and again, do it EVERY time they bark!

My dog used to bark at everything walking past our front gate. When I heard him, I immediately went to him at the gate, said "no", grabbed him by the collar and tied him up to his kennel in the backyard for about 10 minutes. I did it every time he barked, and now he's stopped the behaviour.

I think you're dogs are just barking as an attention/alerting/saying hi behaviour, so this method of barking training should work. Try to limit your dogs access to the fence they are barking through when you're not around to correct them.

Good luck, hope it goes well!