Urinating in Other People's Houses

Posted by kjd
Jan 24, 2010
I've never had this sort of problem before.

Last Sunday, after walking from the car to the apartment of a friend, Sunna went in, turned around and squatted. No sniffing, no warning. The friend doesn't have any animal and the apartment has a brand new rug.

My first thought was UTI. However, she has no problem at home, even when kept from going outside for a time. She also doesn't have any problem in the car.

In my mother's house, she urinated while I was opening the back door for her. I didn't even realize it until I turned around. In this case, I had made sure she went before we drove the three blocks.

Today, she had to stay in the car while I visited my friend.

If I were having problems in the car or at home, I would suspect a medical problem. Aaack! I hope this isn't one. Thor couldn't control his bowels, but he was an equal-opportunity dropper. The first several times he didn't use the outdoors was in other people's houses. But he was a lot older when he got degenerative myelopathy. Cannot see vet until the weekday anyway, so maybe someone can come up with some behavioral solution.

Posted by crazycrayonmom
Jan 24, 2010
Sometimes animal urine can soak all the way through carpet and into the subfloor. Maybe Sunna is sniffing out remnants in the subfloor? :confused:
Posted by kjd
Jan 24, 2010
No, there was no sniffing around. I was right behind her the first time. She went into the apartment, turned toward me, and peed. No warning until the pee started. With any kind of warning, I'd have gotten her out of there.

It wasn't fear. She'd visited often enough that she knew where the apartment was and normally went over and greeted the owner. Last night, when I took her out of the car before visiting, she tried to go to the building. I think she actually recognized where we were when the car pulled in, because she got very excited. Must have waited 5 minutes while she jumped from the back seat to the front seat to the back . . . After that short walk, I took her back to the car and she jumped right in.