Weimaraner training tips needed

Posted by DotPie
Oct 12, 2008
Does anyone have experience with Weimaraners who could give me some training tips for a 1 year old Weim? Any ideas for helping with jumping and nipping? Thanks.
Posted by KOPsRobyn
Feb 5, 2010
Hi there

A good way of stopping dogs from jumping up is to lift up your knee as they jump so that you just catch them in the chest. This doesn't hurt them but will stop them from achieving what they wanted, which is for you to pay attention to them. At the same time you should completely ignore them, not even making eye contact as even if you are just telling them off, you dog will feel that they has succeeded in getting you attention. If possible, get your guests to do the same and they will learn very quickly that this is not the way to get you to play with them. You should make your attention a prized reward, one that your dog will strive towards. This is done by only patting them or playing with them after your dog has behaved well or obeyed a command, and not just whenever they come up and ask for it.

Young dogs tend to mouth quite a lot as this is their way of trying new things and having fun as puppies. However, they need to learn quickly that it hurts you when they nip and so it is unacceptable behavior. If your dog bites you when you are playing with them, yelp loudly or do a low guttural growl and immediately put an end to any play or attention, imitating the natural behavior of its litter-mates. A guttural growl is preferable to a squeal as the alpha-dog in the packs would growl whilst the inferior dogs would be more likely to squeal. Ignore your dog completely, including eye contact, until they have calmed down. If you continuously repeat this method every time you are nipped, they will realize that biting you brings an end to all the fun.

If the biting does continue though, you will have to put your dog into a 'time-out' zone. The key is not to give them any attention whilst taking them there so that they know it is not a new game or that they hold a dominant position over you. The best way to do this is by having a short leash on them at times when you feel you are more likely to get nipped. This will allow you to take your dog by the lead without looking or speaking to it, to the area so that it can calm down without any attention whatsoever. Your dog should be left here until it has calmed down immediately.

It is a good idea to avoid playing rough games, such as tug-of-war, with your as this will encourage more pushy and aggressive behavior. Don't forget to reward your dog with iitis favorite treats and lots of attention when it is playing politely as this will give it something to strive towards.

You should also reinforce your status as alpha dog with your dog, as it will be going through adolescence and be challenging for a higher place in the hierarchy. You can incorporate a few simple things into your daily routine to send dogs a clear message that you are the leader of the pack. These include always insisting that you go through doorways ahead of the dogs and feeding them after the rest of the household has eaten. Make sure you greet the rest of the people in the house when coming home before you say hello to them. When taking them out on a leash, be sure to walk in front of them and not let yourself be pulled you around. Don't give out attention whenever you are asked for it, instead only play with them when you want to, with you both choosing the toy and how long the game lasts for. Keep up with the obedience training, even if it is just for 5-10 minutes a day as all this will keep them alert and attentive, seeking to do as you command.

These are just tips for all dogs in general, but as Weimaraners are very intelligent dogs, so she should pick this up in no time!