What is normal for Aussie Shepherd?

Posted by R5bales
Dec 24, 2008
I have an abandoned Aussie Shepherd that is about 3 years old. He is fixed. He has some basic manners, but the thing that is baffling me is when we play on the swings he goes NUTS. He barks and barks and barks, throws his body in front of my granddaughter to make her stop swinging, nips at her feet and legs to stop the swing. I have never seen this. Is this shepherd behavior, wanting to make her stop moving? Is this an agression problem? He knows I am the alpha, but he is very headstrong. I am a bit stumped.

This is a farm dog that will stay outside all the time.
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Jan 4, 2009
I don't think this is typical behavior for any breed of dog, but the swinging obviously bothers him a lot. Sometimes we have to "pick our battles". For that reason, just do the easy thing and remove the dog from the area when your grandchild is swinging or tie him to a tree with a lead until she is finished swinging.

We'll never know why swinging bothers him so much, but its not worth dealing with the problem when its easily solved by just removing the dog from the situation. Its for his safety too as he could be hurt if she hits him with her legs while swinging.
Posted by asongbird6
Jan 15, 2009
Just a thought...I also have an Aussie Shepherd and since they are herding dogs by nature, its practically written in their minds to go after moving things to "herd" them. That's why its easy for an Aussie to get hit by a car because they will go after them to do what they believe is their job. This may be somewhat the case with the swing. I may be completely off-base but that's the first thing that comes in my head - the dog is trying to herd the swing and/or the child and make them go where the dog thinks they should go. The best solution is probably to just get the dog away from the situation.