What muzzle is best???

Posted by susan2912
Apr 9, 2010
hey guys
ive got an energetic long haired border collie x, and unfortunately hes dog aggressive. We r going to buy him a muzzle to help in his re-socialising and training, but dont know wat kind of muzzle is best. Should we get a [B]caged muzzle[/B], or a black [B]tight muzzle[/B]?????

here r the pros and cons for each we've got so far:
The caged muzzle will allow him to pant (he pants a lot) and is probably more comfortable for him. The cage will make it very hard to feed him treats however, which is a big part in our training of him.

The tight fabric muzzle i think would be more uncomfortable and hotter and needs cleaning daily, yet it is quite easy for him to be fed treats. it also looks better and less threatening, which is useful in walking near other unknown dogs during his socialising, as many people see even a muzzled dog very dangerous and will go out of their way to avoid me. He can't however open his mouth very wide, which i know is the point but it greatly restricts his panting and i worry he will overheat.

Which muzzle do u think would be best? Both are about the same cost and are said to both work equally well and be equally reliable. We've already bought the black fitted one, but are wondering if we should buy the other instead. also, any ways of telling if ur dog is overheating? (from wearing the resrticing muzzle)

thanks for any of ur help!!!!
Posted by timirving
Apr 9, 2010
The only one I have experience with is this one:
[url=http://www.dog-muzzle-store.com/index.php?mainpage=productinfo&cPath=30&products_id=206]PLASTIC WIRE MUZZLE DOG[/url]
Posted by kjd
Apr 9, 2010

I've only had experience with the nylon mesh. If you were to get the muzzle Tim suggests, it looks as if the openings are large enough to put treats through.

As for overheating, I've helped out in aggressive dog classes where all the dogs wore the nylon muzzle. Though you could tell the dogs were afraid (sweating through the soles of their feet, for example), I don't remember any dog having problems with overheating -- and they did pant; especially after several had had a round with one another! No dogs were ever hurt. OTOH, I did get nipped by one muzzled dog.

You should probably talk to your vet about which is the best muzzle. He/she has the best knowledge of your dog.