What to do?

Posted by Shel
Aug 10, 2007
We had two dogs, Lindsey Who was 10 years 1 month (Had to have put to sleep) & Bodega 4 years old. They had gotten into 2 fights before Lindsey had to be boarded due to the fact we were leaving and didn't want the dogs to be together while we were gone. Bodega had to be boarded too because she got lonely and wanted Lindsey and was jumping the fence... Now, Bodega is alone, the only dog at home. I spend as much time with her as possible but soon my job will start up again and she will be alone. She has buried all of Lindsey's toys and cries alot. It really is heartbreaking to watch her. It makes me cry! She isn't eating as well as she use too either. I am getting her some new food again today!! I am worried because she is a mix of Pitbull/Lab/Boxer and she was in 3 fights with our other dog. She didn't start them but, still it was a fight! The other night while we were on our nightly walk a neighbor's dog got out and ran to Bodega and she growled. I made her sit and the owners finally got their dog. Nothing happened, thank godness. She doesn't like alot of men, (some seem to be okay) and children scare her. We don't have any children in our house and our kids are all grown. We do have 2 grandchildren BUT, they are scared of dogs so they aren't around our dog. Anyway, my question is.... Since you hear so much about Pitbulls and their bad ways.. Bodega is sweet BUT, she has growled at 2 men we know and 2 children and now after the fights she had with our other dog, she has growled at a dog. Does this mean anything or is this just normal for her now that she is alone for the first time?? I got her when she was 6 weeks old and she has always been with our other dog and before we got her, she was with other dogs. I am scared to get her a friend (another dog) because I don't want any more fights. Can anyone help?? Thanks
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Aug 15, 2007
Hi there. I am sorry to hear of the passing of your dog Lindsey. It's probably a confusing time for Bodega, as I assume that Lindsey was the more dominant of the two dogs. Bodega has lost a friend and possibly a leader, and so she is now having to adjust to a change in hierarchy. I think the important thing here is for you to ensure that she doesn't start to think that she is the Alpha Dog, as this may cause any aggressive/defensive behavior to increase. If you haven't already, you should read through the bonus ebook "Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog" for ways in which you can teach Bodega that she is at the bottom of the pack, and therefore not responsible for protecting the other pack members. Using these techniques may also make her feel more relaxed because some dogs find it quite stressful taking on the responsibility of being the Alpha Dog.
If two dogs are quite close, there is often a period of adjustment after a death in the family. You will hopefully find, however, that Bodega starts to return to her normal self after a few weeks.