Posted by carigotts4
Nov 21, 2007
Our vizsla whines, whines, whines. We tried ignoring it for about 2 months straight, but the whining didn't go away. Other suggestions??
Posted by MartyEd
Dec 13, 2007
Hi there carigotts4,

Thank you for your post regarding your whining vizla. Whining is a common issue faced by dog owners. Dog's usually whine because they want something. Unfortunately, dogs are often taught that whining works, because quite often, their owner will comfort them, or give them what they want. If that is the case, the whining will continue.

Your dog needs to know when whining is OK (e.g. if he needs to go outside to do his business) and when its not (e.g. begging at the dinner table).

Some tips are:

- If your dog whines to be let outside so he can go to the bathroom, let him out, then bring him back in as soon as he is finished - do not let him play.
- In all other cases of whining, Don't Give In! He needs to be taught that whining does not work!
- Praise him for being quiet!
- Give him something else to do. Give him a series of commands to take his attention away from his whining.
- Make his crate as comfortable as possible, and put some of his favorite toys in, so that he learns to enjoy his time spent there. Crate him for short periods, often, so he accepts it calmly.

I also recommend you read the "Secrets to becoming the Alpha Dog". I tell everyone to read this, not because I assume everyone has dominance problems with their dogs, but because being the alpha dog is the base of all obedience training and your dog is more likely to listen to you once it knows you are the pack leader.

With time and a little of this training you will eventually have a much quieter dog. Best of luck with your training and please let us know how you get on

Kind Regards,

Mark Edwards
Kingdom of Pets Team